Planning A Nursery – Series I

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It’s always an exciting time to be expecting a bundle of joy. Motherhood is a joyous experience and planning a nursery is one of those pre baby arrival activities that parents relish before the actual coming of the baby. Nursery planning allows parents have a glimpse into the “future” and set the stage for it.

Designing and decorating a baby’s special home can however feel overwhelming due to the multiple factors to consider – both valid and mythical; a major one being the ability to differentiate between wants and needs. There is also the issue of budget, space and time as well as the nuances involved in making practical, realistic choices that are also safe, comfy and convenient for the newborn. Let’s take a dive in to see some of the pointers to reflect on when planning a nursery, shall we?

Create a Floor Plan

Creating and sticking to a floor plan for your baby’s nursery is essential towards ensuring that the room is well utilized with adequate spacing considered. You would need to situate the essentials properly. At the minimum; the sleeping, changing, rocking and storage areas must be well catered for. Leave as much space as you can afford for your baby’s movement, exploration and play without restrictions. Be sure to take advantage of every square inch so do not fill up with bulky and/or unnecessary items. A good way to achieve this is to avoid impulse buying.

Nursery Room

Choose a Theme

Picking a theme for your baby’s room helps keep things in focus and serves as a basis for deciding the other elements that would make up the room’s décor. It also ensures design harmony which supports the expression of feelings associated with the very essence of your baby that you want to bring to life. Do you want to craft a serene and peaceful space? or maybe a whimsical and magical space? Perhaps a playful and joyous arena? Make your nursery uniquely special by creating an environment that turns everything you ever imagined into reality! Ideas include character themes, color themes, animal themes, etc. Or you can simply use an inspiration piece to get started.

Nursery Decor

Agree Color, Décor and Furniture

Ideally, your décor should complement the theme of your baby’s room. You should also agree décor and furniture items first before color consideration. This is because it’s easier to choose colors that’ll complement your overall theme than try to fit in accessories that will suit a particular color shade. When doing colors, choose a dominant color that caters for about 60-70% of the room, usually for the walls and maybe rug, then splash the other 30-40% around in areas like window blinds, furniture, accent wall, wall trims and moldings. If you are the type that avoids the pink and blue stereotypes, never mind as there are lots of beautiful gender neutral color choices to choose from. Beddings, sofa, shelves, mobiles, artworks, wall decals, playmats, lamps and night lights and all other nursery items should be in harmony with the central theme and décor.

Nursery Decor

Make Practical and Adaptable Choices

Make practical and cost effective decisions while planning your baby’s nursery. Remember that your baby will become a toddler at some point, a tween and then a teen. Try to design and decorate with this in mind. If a crib is not necessary, junk the idea. If you must use one, get the type that can be repurposed into a toddler bed. A dresser can double as a changing station. Wall decals are easier to remove than painted murals. You can also easily take down hanging artworks and replace with new ones that are more in line with your child’s current interests. Be creative with storage shelves and cabinets to ensure older needs are catered for or even more children as the case may be.

Your Baby’s Room Should Be One of a Kind

Your baby is special. His or her room ought to be too. Planning a nursery should be all fun and pleasurable, even though in reality, it could be a tad overwhelming. A nursery project is one of the most important milestones to achieve during a pregnancy journey as it brings you closer to your baby than ever before! We have put together the foregoing to help you get started on this amazing journey that will ensure your children receive the best experience having struck the appropriate balance between the must-have and the need-to-have. In addition, navigating the murky waters of designing a baby’s room would no longer be a thing as you comfortably create a welcoming and cozy nursery where memories are made and experiences are relived. All the best!



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