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The Magic of Sheer

Sheer curtains are lightweight, transparent draperies used as window treatments in your interiors. Depending on the fabric type and weight, they could be utilized in a variety of ways to enhance and add a touch of elegance to your space. Voiles, silks, cottons, linen, etc. – The choice of material to use depends on how you intend to use the sheer as well as the kind of design style you are looking to create. Today’s article focuses on the practicality of sheers and the different ideas you could put to use in adorning your homes with them.

Layering with Curtains

Layering with curtains is easily the most common use of sheers. This means hanging your sheers beneath your curtains, which are great for concealing the inside of your home but cannot offer the desired privacy at certain times, especially during the day when you want to have natural light seep in. Of course, sheers, due to their lightweight material, help in providing privacy at any time of the day. With this arrangement, you are able to easily switch from wanting normal visibility through your windows with your interiors obscured through an outsider’s view to ultimate privacy with natural light blocked out. An excellent arrangement if you ask me! Sheers also complement your curtains by adding more depth and visual appeal.


Layering with Blinds

Sheers over blinds creates a premium look and effortlessly balances the need to have a functional space that is also beautiful looking. Layering sheers with particularly wood/faux wood and roller blinds brings increased finesse to your room. Drape matching wood blinds with voile or cotton sheers for a vintage inspired look. Or do the contemporary style with warm neutrals roller blind and sheer blend.

Sheers over Blinds

Sheer Over Sheer

If you are an absolute lover of sheers and how they add a breezy feel to your home, you could opt for a sheer over sheer installation, especially when you do not need to block out light completely with a heavier curtain fabric. This means fitting two separate poles to enable you operate each set independent of the other. This option gives you twice the airy look of sheers and you could also add a distinctive design feature to the outer set such as hemming the edges with a thicker and different curtain fabric whose color contrasts with that of the sheer but complements the overall decor beautifully. Layering with sheers also works well in small spaces where as much natural light is needed to make them look larger.

Sheer over Sheer


Create different regions by zoning with sheers. I particularly love this approach as you can separate areas without using a permanent structure. Lovely examples include partitioning the bedroom and the closet area as well as having a marker between the living room and the hallway leading up to it. Using sheers as a divider introduces a more intimate touch and a wonderful ambience.


Sheers also add an aesthetic softness to a room and can help create an airy touch because they drape so effortlessly, especially when they are fitted to form wavy folds that flow continuously from one end of the window to the other. Sheers are available in any color, and some have patterns, glitters or embroidery for added interest. Use floor to ceiling height and a tailored look, just touching the floor so it doesn’t appear, to be hanging too short. For the purpose of aesthetics alone, try draping sheers on a canopy bed or on your bedroom back wall.

Canopy bed with sheers

Sheer Delight

Sheer curtains are a delight to behold. They add a touch of softness to a room and infuse style in a manner that instantly transforms any space. They are also very versatile and so can be used in many lovely ways beyond layering with thicker draperies. Go ahead and give your interior a sheer type enhancement today, be it contemporary, classic or sophisticated. It is worth every bit of the effort and will make a world of difference to your home!

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