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February 19, 2022by Stella Chibuike-Ezike0

Keeping it Clean and Simple

Minimalism in interior design is all about keeping things clean and simple, yet having them burst with sparks.  The whole idea is to create a lasting impression in a very modest and unassuming manner while harnessing a perfectly created visual appeal for your space.

Some months ago, I was involved in the makeover of an apartment and the client wanted a minimalist living room. The goal was to find that balance between prioritizing simplicity and creating sophistication. There were quite a number of ideas I had to achieve the client’s desire and we would be looking at some of them here:

White Walls

So, we decided to go the classic approach for the living room walls and ceiling – all white. White walls are an ideal stunner for creating that natural scenery and tranquility. They blend with absolutely everything – textures, patterns, furniture etc. and never go out of style! This means you can unlock your creativity and make the walls a backdrop for your own unique creation. There is also the added advantage of white walls giving compact spaces the illusion of a larger appearance.

White Walls - Minimalist Interior

Textured Interior

Next was to add some texture to the overall design in a subtle way that wouldn’t seem overpowering. The objective was to infuse depth and liveliness to the room such that it accentuated the central theme of the design. The combination of rich neutral colored curtain and throw pillow fabrics, a 3D accent wall, furniture with high gloss finish and a lush rug all came together beautifully to form a sleek, modern appearance and bring in vivacity. Textures are a great way to make a minimalist interior feel warm and welcoming. Play around with fabrics, furniture and pieces that highlight your space without de-emphasizing simplicity and subtlety.

Textured Interior - Minimalist Design

Bold Piece

Of course, the living room needed to have a statement piece that fit well with the overall décor. And one bold wall art did the trick. Going for simple and unique pieces enhance the beauty of your minimalist interior by making it the focus of the space. A colorful abstract painting or a decorative mirror would effortlessly create an atmosphere of class and luxury, adding personality in a distinctive way.

Bold Piece


Furniture plays a key role here as well, as you would imagine. So we chose a sleek, stylish and comfy beige sofa with a clean silhouette and sculpture that blended nicely with the coffee table and cabinet. You could also spark a bit of interest with layers of neutral wood tones for an eclectic finish. In choosing furniture for your design, remember not to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. Also, maximize a fair portion of the living room with minimal furniture placement to allow for free flow with plenty of natural light and fresh air.

Furniture - Minimalist Interior


A core value of minimalism is a no-clutter space. This can be achieved by getting rid of unnecessary distractions and focusing on the primary functionality of every item in the area. And so, the overriding notion, integral to designing a minimalist interior, is to create a visually appealing space that solves practical needs. We were able to achieve this by stripping down to the bare essentials, leaving only the relevant stuff and keeping the others out of sight in an organized manner. Investing in optimal storage is a great start to keeping clutter at bay.

Less is Best!

Minimalist styled spaces help create a clean and serene feel to your home. They exude elegance and usually never go out of trend. Ready to give it a try? Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to embrace the concept of simple living and celebrate timeless aesthetics borne out of the minimalist philosophy.

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