Living Room Color Schemes

Living Room Color Trends
If you have ever experienced the breathtaking feeling of walking into a
beautifully designed living room made complete with harmonious color elements
and patterns, then you will agree with me that a space is brought to life when the
décor choices and color combinations come together to create concordant
tunes in the mind’s eye for an overall visual appeal.

The living room is unarguably a top three contender in the race for the most
utilized space in a home, typically serving as a hangout corner for family and
friends or as a great relaxation spot whilst binge watching or generally just
spending quality alone time.

You therefore want to create a living room color scheme and pattern that
embodies a truly inspiring mood and ambience, perfect for the purpose(s) which
you have set it up for. Working the magic, as always, means utilizing design and
décor elements that complement each other, whilst establishing harmony with
Elegant Blue

One of my current favorites, navy blue and a lighter shade such as gold make for
such an alluring combination, exuding charm and luxury. Use navy blue for sofas,
drapes, or even as an accent wall, then combine with gold fixtures for a perfect
blend. Gold tones or shades could be used for coffee tables, console tables,
sheer curtains, table or standing lamps, wall mirrors etc. You can also mix with
beige for a toned down version, if preferred.

Gray with a Touch

Neutral colors such as gray work well with a number of color combinations to
achieve a striking look. One of such colors is red. Use gray as the predominant
color and splash some red around for that gorgeous and eye catching
appearance. Use red for throw pillows on a gray sofa, wall decorations and
center rug for a nice contrast. Feel free to alternate red with wine, or mix and
match both, depending on whatever floats your boat!

Orange Hues

Orange can be a great color for stimulating an attractive living room. Orange
works well with shades of beige and brown and if done right will spark interest in
a stylish and yet not overpowering way. It is however important to exercise
restraint whilst using orange so as to ensure an impressive outcome. Combine
orange walls with coffee brown sofa, shades of orange pillows, beige rug and
orange curtains.

Beyond White

It feels refreshing to walk into a living room, bursting with nature’s beautiful
scenery. Notice how the sun’s rays seeping through the windows elevates the
visual appeal of the living room? Soft tones like ivory, beige and soft cream
typically project the illusion of a bigger space as they reflect light better and give
the room a nice feel of glow and warmth. Infuse shades of white for an extra
soothing touch.

Go Minimalist

Who says a minimalist appearance must be dull and uninteresting? If white and/or
nude tones dominate your living room, you can opt for subtle color flashes via
cushions, center pieces, door casings and even floor coverings. You may also use
greenery and styled coffee tables to achieve the desired look. White and
minimalist colors in general exude class and sophistication when you enhance
with finishing touches; thereby adding zest to the overall décor theme.

Create Magic with Color Combos!

Colors can transform the mood of any space, especially the living room! When
color combinations are done right, your living room space evokes warmth and
triggers a feeling of liveliness that only comes from within. From using vibrant colors
to implementing a minimalist interior approach, you can literally create magic
with exciting color combos and make your space become an experience worth

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