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The Kitchen

The kitchen is undeniably the heart of a home. Beyond preparing delicious and nourishing foods there, the kitchen serves as a place for bonding with family and bantering with friends, sharing moments after the day’s hustle and enjoying good food while at it. It is one room in the home that serves many purposes, especially for families. In between cooking, baking, trying out new recipes and getting messy with the kids playing chef, the kitchen makes meal preparation a pleasurable activity and time out with family or friends a beautiful experience. Having a functional, modern, stylish and conducive kitchen means investing in enhancements regularly. And it doesn’t have to cost a ton as small upgrades can go a long way in significantly transforming your kitchen space as well as providing a refreshed ambience. Here are a few simple and cost effective options to upgrade your kitchen:

Light It Up

The importance of lighting in any room and in the kitchen particularly cannot be overemphasized. Sufficient lighting is a significant design feature that instantly enhances the visual and aesthetic appeal of a space, making it brighter, airier and a mood booster. You can be creative by implementing a layered scheme. Working with the three layers, Ambient lighting provides the general lighting for the space and is usually achieved with ceiling lights. Recessed lighting is a great example of this. Task lighting, as the name implies, is used for illuminating task areas. Pendant lights installed above the kitchen island works well here. However, remember to go for fixtures that scale proportionately. Accent lighting emphasizes certain areas you want to highlight. Also used to evoke warmth and a positive disposition. Under cabinet lights are good here – either LED spotlights or LED strip lights can be used. Don’t worry if you cannot install all 3 layers of lighting. Implementing just one alone can give you the desired transformation.


Light up

Renew the Worktops

Your worktops are another major contributor to the overall look and feel of your kitchen. While it is very functional, providing the surface for meal preparation and for housing some small commonly used appliances, the worktop is also extremely necessary for aesthetic purposes. Where the kitchen has a white/neutral color scheme, black worktops give an exquisite contrast. If required, worktops can be replaced. However, this can be quite expensive and a cheaper alternative would be to cover them with marble finish PVC paper. Quite a simple option with tremendous effect.


Dress the Windows

Another easy to achieve yet powerful upgrade option are window treatments. There are a number of choices that can deliver a stylish and inviting look to your kitchen depending on the practicality of the space and the environmental factors therein. Sheers made of voile and net can be considered but note that they can easily pick up dirt and spills. Faux wood blinds are great at withstanding moisture and are easy to wipe clean of dirt and spills. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that would complement any kitchen color scheme. Roller shades are an excellent choice as well. Also moisture resistant, they can be rolled up on a sunny day and rolled down when shade and/or privacy is required.



Add warmth and coziness with décor accessories that make your space pop. A lot of ideas to go with here including the use of greenery, feature wall using wallpaper, backsplash update with tiles or moisture proof tile decals. Sprucing up your kitchen with accessories could even mean replacing your tub and mixer. This “little” change can give an instant uplift to the entire look. Copper kitchen accessories are also a thing now. In addition to the classy metallic shine it adds, it is also opined to be a healthier alternative to stainless steel.

Don’t Make Do

Whatever you do, don’t make do! The kitchen is no longer a place for cooking and serving dishes alone. Its role has morphed, over the years, into a mini living area where family bonds are strengthened and fun memories created. An inspiring kitchen space can make a world of difference and is able to transform a dull, unexciting day into a memorable one where experiences are relieved. And so, it is essential to invest in a facelift for your kitchen from time to time. A lot of changes can be made even on the tightest of budgets. Get started on your upgrade journey with the affordable options above and be guaranteed a renewed look with refreshing vibes.




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