2022 Interior Design Trends

Re-Invent and Refresh

It’s the New Year, Yo! In between new resolutions, new dos and don’ts, new ways of living with the pandemic and new bucket lists, our homes still remain at the center of our lives and the new year is a great time to re-energize, refresh and most importantly, celebrate our distinctiveness through personal and unique design styles.

From colors to textures to patterns and even moods, there are various interior design and décor trends across these spheres that we can incorporate into our homes this year. Simple yet luxurious, glamorous and playful or a nature based theme? These trends are exciting, have an enduring appeal and creates a timeless look. Now, let’s take a look at them. Shall we?

Warm and Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like white, grey and beige are all time favorites and so remain an excellent choice for minimalist designs that evoke serenity and calmness. Don’t be surprised however to find richer hues of colors like blush, beige and cream as additional choices for the team neutral. In addition, look out for warm colors with a bit more versatility – golden or mustard yellow, raspberry red, apricot and coral especially as accents for that drip of cheeriness and optimism.

Modern with a Tint of Vintage

Vintage décor is a great way to infuse character and charm into your home. A touch of antique adds an eclectic vibe to your space bringing in that old world charm. You could use vintage in your colors, furniture, artwork or a décor piece. An antique piece of furniture splashed with a bold color, a vintage suitcase that doubles as a coffee table, a grandfather clock with a modern design, etc. are all examples of how you can spice up your home with “old-fashioned” inspo.

Nature Inspired Design

Living through the pandemic years has forced us to embrace more of nature and bring the outdoors inside. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by adding plants to your home. There are lots of interesting plants to be used for this purpose; with some even having the benefit of removing toxins from the air inside the home. In addition to flower pots, you could have a section of your wall or ceiling covered with colorful flowers and other naturally foraged décor elements.

Focus on Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are beginning to get a lot of attention. Balconies, porches, backyards and patios are now more than ever considered to be a part of the home. No matter how small the spaces are, they could be put to very good use and as such, are becoming interesting spots to relax after a work day, hang out with family or even host a small gathering of close friends. Make your space comfy and stylish just like your indoor living room and remember to use weather appropriate materials that can withstand extreme conditions.

Curved Furniture

Indeed, straight edges are giving way to curvier and wavier designs. Rounded edges appear to delimit a space and make them more visually appealing. This was first embraced in the ‘70s but now they seem to be back in full swing. They are seen in coffee tables, couches and even surfaces. Curvy designs are also good statement pieces that can be paired with other furniture styles.

Be 2022 Ready

Indeed, the desire for a better outlook this year begins with us which can be achieved by surrounding ourselves with things that make us happy. And so, why not spend some time focusing on creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing, represents you and has a purpose. Whether it’s for hanging out with family and friends or for that grand, sophisticated feel, let these design trends for 2022 inspire you to translate these ideas into meaningful expressions of your design style. See you around!


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